Party at Guelaguetza!

Where’s the party!?

Apparently it was at Guelaguetza this past Monday. Bill Esparza also known as affable StreetGourmetLA was featured on Andrew Zimmern’s show, Bizarre Foods. Guelaguetza offered a special happy hour prior to the viewing. My friend and I ordered everything on the special $5 menu.

Real Mexican


I’ve been to Guelaguetza before. I even had my birthday party there a few years ago. I usually go in for the mole negro though I enjoy the mole roja (the complimentary chips is served with this mole) a touch more. I also love their pozole.

And the horchata! This is the most amazing horchata. With the fruit, nuts and rose syrup, I am extremely happy with this non-boozy drink. I wonder how it’d be though if a little rum or tequila was thrown in there?

crispy quesadillas

botana de molotes

I really enjoyed watching my friend eat the food. She had never had Oaxacan food before and with every bite, she exclaimed, “this is my favorite!” Ha, it was like eating the food for the first time for me. I fell in love with mole all over again.

The Oaxacan cheese stuffed quesadilla (more like a fried empanada shape) was great. I liked the single layer of epazote leaves in it.

The chorizo and potato botana was fun and filling.

chapuline a la Mexicana

I’ve had the grasshoppers at Guelaguetza before. When I tried ordering them years ago, the server was very concerned and wouldn’t even give them to us. He was finally convinced to let us have a little bit but he still wouldn’t give us a full order. I think almost every table had some this night. I like that they serve it with tortillas and avocados. Have yourself a merry little taco.

Or eat those little salty sucker (perfect bar snack to go with your mezcal) on their own!

taquitos fritos

clayudas con mole negro

clayudas con chorizo y queso

The taquitos are familiar but topped with mole, they were divine. I hadn’t had clayudas before and I can only describe them as Oaxacan pizza or flatbread. I really dug the chorizo one but you cannot go wrong with the mole.

This night was magical as the LA foodie community came out to celebrate one of its own. The whole front main room was filled with food bloggers, writers, supporters and friends of Bill’s. The mood was very high and infectious.

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