Yakking it up at Tara’s Himalayan

chicken momo

If you look up Tibetan, Himalayan and Nepalese food, you might find it’s similar to Indian food. I find it’s a blend of Indian, Chinese and for good measure, Afghani cuisines.

okra curry

I’ve been to only one other Nepalese place called Tibet Nepal House in Pasadena. While I liked the food, I find there is some spice I’m not too great with (I come across it every now and then in Indian food as well). My tummy did much better at nearby Azeen’s Afghani Restaurant.  Still, I was very much interested in trying more Himalayan food and got to try Tara’s Himalayan earlier this month.

lamb saag

We started with an appetizer, the chicken momo. Tara’s offers to pan-fry the dumplings which made them extremely similar to Chinese potstickers or you can have them steamed. A neighboring table ordered a whole plate of them just for their kid and some rice. I’d say this is a child-friendly joint.

For the two of us, I knew we should get their signature dish, the yak chili but I tend to also love veggie dishes and spotted the okra and knew we should order that too. It turned out to be a bit bitter and and if you like firm okra, this is the dish for you. The okra hadn’t been cooked too long so it wasn’t slimey like it sometimes can be.

I really enjoyed how tender the lamb was in the saag. I also particularly liked Tara gave you unlimited rice though we did order garlic naan (and a strawberry lassi for me).

yak chili

We decided to order the yak chili medium spicy which turned out to be quite perfect. The sauce reminded me of sweet and sour but not a gross sticky bad Chinese food sweet and sour. Before we ordered it, I asked my friend what she thought yak would taste like. She guessed bison. I just hoped “not gamey.” And luckily, it wasn’t. The meat was firmer than the lamb. I would say it was close to venison.

Overall, I liked Tara’s a lot better than Tibet Nepal House and wished it was closer to me.

Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine

10855 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 836 9696