New Year, New Camera

Red Hook Cocktail at Cole's

In late 2009, I started this blog after months of deliberation. I had a food blog back in 2006 but it was mostly text and bare bones accounting of where I went and what I ate. It might as well had been a food diary. I occasionally rambled on about something but for the most part, I didn’t do much with the food blog. Then I gradually became active on a review site and that food blog fell by the wayside. It’s still around if I ever cared to unlock it but I consider it a bygone era.

Last year was a turning point for me. I was for the first time combining my skills as a writer, artist and foodie. My background is in journalism and public relations. I was marketing the blog even if I was self-conscious about it. I don’t have t-shirts, buttons or keychains but I might as well look into it. Or at least stickers. I know I need new business cards.

I started the blog as not really a food blog. More of a diary of a foodie. I wrote over 440 posts last year. Most of them were about food. It became clear I was obsessive compulsive. I also needed a space to post about my events. I’ve always been the organizer among my friends. I ran a dining club for 3 years and then did outings for another two. I was my own social network.

Last year, I agonized over posting bad photos more than talking candidly about bad dates. In retrospect, I probably should have bought a new camera ages ago. But I finally did and perhaps my skills as a food photographer will improve. I already love what this camera (Canon S95) does with cocktails. These shots are straight from the camera, no editing.

People have asked me what I want out of the blog. Well, I want to enjoy this. Whatever this may be. Here’s to a happy new year!


The Minty

p.s. I didn’t do a round-up of my favorite restaurants/ meals of last year. That’s a tough one. But here’s my restaurants list. I’ll continue trying to streamline and organize it better. Until then, it’s laughably long.

p.p.s. Some old photos may occasionally surface. I have a few backlogged posts.