Company Kitchen and Pub in Las Vegas

Indulge me for a second while I walk down Memory Lane and get a post up with watermarked photos to see how I like them.

My two friends and I needed a snack before getting our evening started. They were going to see Cher and I was to meet up with others for happy hour. We were happy to see Company was open all day and not just for lunch and dinner.

The menu is very straight-forward.

I decided on the fish and waffles which sounded possibly very awful but I was still intrigued. The server did warn me the waffle “fries” was really a cut-up waffle.

fish and waffle "fries"

I didn’t think the waffle fries looked that attractive as you can see where they cut/tore the waffle strips. Then the fish was greasy and the malt vinegar didn’t help (don’t get it confused with syrup and put that on your waffles!). It was also served with a tartar sauce. I had to steal ketchup from the gay boyfriend’s plate to mix up my fake-o thousand island dip.


Another friend had the soup and then some sashimi. The hamachi had that weird oily look of “older” fish but she said it tasted good.

The gay boyfriend of course had the burger which was served on an English muffin.


I did really enjoy the atmosphere of the place but can see how it can get loud and obnoxious as the night wore on.

These wine racks made from wooden skiis were particulary great.

wine rack

Company Kitchen and Pub (at the Luxor)

3900 Las Vegas Boulevard S
Luxor Hotel Casino
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 262-4702