I Must at the Must

On Wednesday, I went out to happy hour at the Must. Though admittedly, every time I’ve gone for happy hour, I tend to order off the regular menu because their “bar snacks” are rather sparse. With olives, tater tots, mac and cheese as well as orders for 1/2 grilled cheese, I am perpetually eyeing the regular menu. However, it’s not a bad thing as the prices are reasonable for the large portions.

I’m a big snob about sangria so while I think their sangria is okay, it’s probably the best you can get without concocting your own triple alcohol version. My friend enjoyed their black sangria which is my favorite of the three there.

I however was on a whimsy and decided to try the $3 rose which wasn’t bad but the $3 syrah was better.


I’m still learning how to use my camera in low-light situations (or rather darkness as the Must is DARK inside). So forgive my awful pics that are coming next.

mac and cheese

My friend doesn’t eat land animals so there wasn’t any bacon in this but even if there was such a thing, this mac was awful. It tasted very Kraft-like to me. I hear tell of a new chef so maybe that’s it because I used to LOVE their mac. The cheese was too grainy and not the right cheese.

tater tots

The tater tots were pretty good but I like the truffled ones with parm better at the nearby O Bar & Kitchen.

sloppy joe

I’m in love with the chicken pot pie here with the humboldt fog creme fraiche but I’m trying to make myself order different things every time I come. This night, I ordered the sloppy joe.

With Korean and American spicing, I loved it. It wasn’t too messy and I liked it was served with a salad.

General Tso's Fu

I’ve been eying the tofu dish on the menu for ages but never fully-committed to ordering it (I tend not to at non-Asian places- my god, am I being racial!?). However, I was secretly glad my friend ordered it so I could get a bite.

It was very good with firm chunks of tofu but there was very little rice and veggie. He would have preferred less tofu and more rice.


But the whole reason for coming was the fluffernutter which I’m currently saying is my fave dessert in DTLA while I bemoan the loss of my Bottega Louie original peanut butter terrine.

It’s still good! Yay!

Overall, we had a great time and I enjoy this part of DTLA quite a bit. I’m glad it was busy and it looks like it’s going to be around for a while. Now they’re just going to have to fix the mac and cheese.

The Must

118 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-1162