Ambrosia in Long Beach

People may list plenty of reasons to go to Ambrosia in Long Beach but I think the number one reason may be the $1.49 mimosas. These are available every day, all day! Woah!

Of course, they may not be freshly made and lost a bit of fizz but five of ’em will still be cheaper than one LA cocktail.

No, the real reason to go is the Greek food.


lamb shank


My friend ordered the mousaka with French fries. Yes, you can get it with a salad but they make some nice steak fries. Which made them the perfect vehicle to deliver the mousaka to your mouth as if it was a dip.

When I saw they had both leg of lamb and lamb shanks on the menu, I struggled to decide which one to order. Luckily for me, our server recommended the lamb shanks. I’m so glad I got that because for $20, I got TWO lamb shanks! It was a huge amount of food. What a bargain. And I really liked it. The  meat just fell off the bone. It probably would have been better with rice or mashed potatoes but I was rolling carbless than night and stuck to salad.

Ambrosia’s in a gay-friendly part of town and this gay-adjacent chickie enjoyed the view very much.

Ambrosia Cafe

1923 E. Broadway, Long Beach CA 90802