West Hollywood: Happy Hour at Comme Ca

Copper Fix & El Diablo

The Hourglass Happy Hour at Comme Ca is seven days a week from 5- 7 p.m. It’s rare to find a happy hour that is on weekends. And with delight, the Hungry Hanh and I set off with her Urban Daddy certificate in tow one Saturday evening. I don’t really know how the logistics of that certificate worked but we got $50 off which was sweet since we tried as much as we could and had cocktails to boot.


We should have probably read the  menu more carefully as these are bay scallops.

crab cakes

Ah, you know you’re in a fancy pants place when the equivalent of a large crab cake  is divided into tiny bites. Save on calories but big on flavor.

fried oysters

My favorite of the happy hour menu we tried were the fried oysters. I watched a guy shuck oysters in front of me so I was feeling pretty happy (except for the occasional whiff of really briny oysters that drifted my way).

Kentucky Crush

At the time, the happy hour drinks being offered were the Vodka Rose, Dark and Stormy, El Diablo, Copper Fix and Kentucky Crush. Naturally I honed in on the whiskey cocktails and tried the Copper Fix and Kentucky Crush. Both used rye whiskey. These drinks are not on the menu online which appears to be outdated. Hanh was very pleased with her El Diablo which was a spicy tequila drink.


For a quick carb boost, we got the poutine with the fried egg. I felt there wasn’t quite enough gravy but the runny egg was a nice touch.


escargot bite

We couldn’t leave a French restaurant without trying their escargot. We ordered these and the mac and cheese from the regular dinner menu which was a bizarre French menu. Not only was their beef bourguignon but there was beef strognaoff and the aforementioned mac and cheese. But hey, we’ve already been eating some fancy bar food so what the hell, let’s mix it up some more.

The escargot unfortunately were chewy. They didn’t come in a traditional escargot plate but instead on a plate with a lot of sauce. I liked the mushrooms in the sauce but I wouldn’t order this dish again at Comme Ca.

mac and cheese

The mac and cheese unfortunately wasn’t “cheesy” enough. It was rather bland and after such a promising toasted crust! This was quite sad as we had disappointing mac and cheese the evening before. How hard is it to find a good mac and cheese? Do I have to do another crawl?

We fared much better with the happy hour menu and we’ll gladly return for the $6 cocktails.

Comme Ca

8479 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 782-1104