Hollywood: Pizza at Stella Barra

Freshie Fresh

The Freshie Fresh

I recently checked out Stella Barra‘s newest outpost in Hollywood. I hadn’t been to the Santa Monica one before but had heard how great the pizza was. Since it’s sometimes easier for me to get to Hollywood than SaMo, that’s where I headed. I realized after looking at the address, it was the old BoHo. This corner eatery had sat empty for a while and I always wondered why no one snatched this prime real estate sooner. You have Arclight right there and Amoeba Records across the street.

The space has gotten a complete remodel. The bar is now located in the center of the room and the kitchen is open. There seems to be still touches of boho chic but it’s mostly modern.

For my first drink, I tried the Freshie Fresh, a delightful cocktail for the warm summer night. Those who like pisco punches would like this cocktail.

The Freshie Fresh – Pisco, Combier, peach, lemon

kale salad

spinach and purple kale salad


We started with the spinach and purple kale salad. Isn’t it funny how kale is on every menu? I still love it and it’s even more healthy to combine with my favorite spinach!


organic pork meatballs


Meatballs. I can’t ever get enough. These had a wonderful sauce. I almost wished for a dish of pasta. Or bread. It seemed like a shame we didn’t eat all the sauce up.

Doctor's Orders

Doctor’s Orders

While perusing the cocktails list again, I immediately wanted the Doctor’s Orders. Our server asked if I liked Manhattans which of course I do. He said I would like this one then. I really liked the cocktail glass it came in. It looks like a bigger serving than a typical 3 oz cocktail glass because of the wider bottom coupe. I would not be surprised if this was a 5 oz glass.

Doctor’s Orders – rye, amaro, vermouth, yuzu bitters

mushroom pizza

mushroom pizza


When we originally decided on our order, we told ourselves pizza is always good for leftovers. I’m so glad we did because we definitely had leftovers. The mushroom was indeed amazing but I was so shocked how extremely crispy and thin the sausage pizza was. I loved it.

sausage pizza

sausage pizza


Even the crusts were perfect. I wished I retained our wonderful sauce from the meatballs to do some extra dipping.

ginormous cookies

ginormous cookies


We staggered out with our leftover pizza but not before grabbing cookies bigger than your head. I opted for the oatmeal apple.


Stella Barra Pizzaria

6372 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028  —  (323) 301-4001

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