Passover at Rosa Mexicano

Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman, Rosa Mexicano‘s new culinary advisor, has planned a Mexican Passover menu available at Rosa Mexicano locations.This is the 10th year anniversary of the culinary program at Rosa Mexicano and the menu is available April 6 to 13 at the two locations in LA; West Hollywood and LA Live.

Some of the offerings include starters like  Haroset de Jonathan Waxman  (dates, coconut, tangerine, pomegranate, almonds, cinnamon and rose apples), Hierbas Amargas / Maror (Beets, romaine, scallions and avocado salad with horseradish, served with parsley and matzoh).

gelfite fish


Although I did not try the Huachinango “Gefilte Fish”, we were given gelfite fish tacos. I suspect the fillings for the dumplings would be similar. For years I’ve heard stories about gelfite fish to the point where I doubted I wanted to try it. To my surprise, the fish isn’t bad at all.

Vegetarians may like the Ensalada de Espárragos con Huevo  (shaved raw asparagus with an olive oil fried soft egg, hazelnuts and sherry vinaigrette and borage blossoms).


Jonathan Waxman has created a crispy chicken breast with matzoh and eggs. The chicken taco I had must have been a bit different as I thought there was potato in it.


I can’t imagine a spring holiday meal without lamb. The braised lamb shank flavored with cumin, turmeric and cilantro served with dates, baby onions, whole garlic, tangerines and Passover rice with saffron and red chilies sounds really good. Our lamb tacos were exceedingly tender.

brisket tacos


The pulled brisket taco features beef brisket studded with jícama and carrots, cooked in Tecate beer, habanero, charred red torpedo onions, pomegranate and served with pimento, toasted almonds and grilled baby leeks.

chocolate matzoh brei

One of my best friends is Jewish and she loves matzoh brei. I think she’d go nuts over this chocolate matzoh brei I had. It wasn’t on the list for dessert so they should bring it on!



And to drink,  the Passover Sangría with Herradura silver tequila which I was surprised to find is kosher is combined with apple and lemon juices, topped with a kiss of Manischewitz reduction.

Look for more inspired dishes from Jonathan Waxman soon. A few weeks ago, he did a butcher inspired menu and was featuring eclectic cuts. I hope Rosa Mexicano brings that back.


Rosa Mexicano

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