MacArthur Park: My New Favorite Pastrami Combo at Langer’s

Langer's #44

The #19 is the most famous Langer’s sandwich. It is pastrami, cole slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. I started ordering the #1 which is all of that minus the cheese. However, whenever I’m not at Langer’s and want pastrami, I usually get something more like a Reuben with sauerkraut.

I wondered…

close up on #44

I decided to get the #44 (pastrami, sauerkraut, cheese) and you know what? It’s now my new favorite. The tartness of the sauerkraut went so well with the lovely meaty pastrami and balanced out by the cheese. Of course, our server did bring me a side of Russian dressing and said some people liked dipping their sandwich that way. Ah, great idea.

cabbage soup

chicken noodle soup

matzoh ball soup

We started our meals with a couple of soups- cabbage, the chicken noodle and matzoh ball. One of these days, I might try their chicken in a pot but that would mean I wouldn’t get pastrami. I can’t fathom going to Langer’s and not get pastrami.

grilled Nippy cheese sandwich

Some people can though.  I have no words other than yes, get the grilled cheese if you can somehow manage not to eat that beautiful pastrami. Despite what some people will tell you, I didn’t have the roast beef. I have to get the pastrami and roast beef (#54) just to test the waters next time.

some murals near Langer's Deli

mural next to Langer's parking lot

Some great art in the neighborhood!

Langer’s Deli

704 South Alvarado St., Los Angeles, CA 90057-4020 — (213) 483-8050