West 3rd: Exploring the Robata Bar at Robata Jinya

uni at Robata Jinya

While ramen may be one of my favorite things, I love all things Japanese. I wanted to try the robata bar at Robata Jinya. I had gone in December to try out the ramen and fell in love with their tender pork. I wanted to check out what else was good at Robata Jinya. They have a list of house favorites but we strayed to other items on the menu.


hamachi with jalepeno peppers

salmon belly

We started with an array of raw stuff including uni, hamachi and salmon belly. I loved the salmon belly. The cute nigiri looked like the striping of a Cheshire cat. We also liked the uni. I felt the hamachi was sliced a little bit too thinly but I’m a bit of a fiend for raw fish.


grilled mushrooms and okra

beef tongue robata


The robata items we had were the grilled mushrooms, okra and beef tongue. The veggies were very good. While I liked the beef tongue, I am used to more tender tongue (ha!). The texture of these cubed pieces were closer to gizzard or heart.




I was still feeling a bit hungry so we ordered agadashi and ramen for stuff that’ll stick to your ribs. The eggplant was stuffed with shrimp. Yum!

soft boiled egg for ramen

small bowl of ramen


The small bowl of ramen probably did me in. It was an onslaught of carbs and rich broth after a lot of clean flavors and fish. The best of both worlds.

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Robata Jinya

8050 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048 – (323) 653-8877