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The Minty’s Best 2015 Meals

    I’ve written around 260 posts on the site this year. Picking my favorite meals of the year is a little daunting. I don’t have a particular order but I have organized… Continue reading

Kansas City: Drinks at Julep

  After wandering around the Westport Art Fair, we stopped into Julep for a drink or two.   After tooling around the Westport Art Fair, we stopped into Julep in Kansas City. I… Continue reading

Kansas City: Drinks at Manifesto

  If you’re visiting Kansas City for the first time, the first stop on the bar tour has to be Manifesto. Just don’t make the same mistake I did and try to get… Continue reading

Kansas City: Dinner at the Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange

  In all the years I’ve been following the food and drink scene in Kansas City, I knew one of my stops had to be The RiegerĀ Hotel Grill and Exchange. It opened after… Continue reading

Kansas City: Dinner at Gram and Dun

  On my first night in Kansas City, I checked out Gram and Dun, a well-respected restaurant “at the Plaza.” I had read the menu on the plane to KCMO so I was… Continue reading

Kansas City: Mussels at Potpie

  After drinks (and snacks)Ā at Bluestem next door, we decided to get dinner at Potpie which was right next door. However they were super busy so we put in a to-go order of… Continue reading

Kansas City: Shrimp and Grits at Bluestem

    When we were at the bar at Bluestem, we met a couple who came to Bluestem specifically for the shrimp and grits. Sometimes they eat it at the bar but mostly… Continue reading

Kansas City: Let’s Go Get KCMO BBQ at Char Bar

  On my very last day in Kansas City, I finally had Kansas City BBQ. All week long, I wondered when I was finally going to have burnt ends. I ended up at… Continue reading

Kansas City: Lunch at The Farmhouse

  After the first day of seminars at Paris of the Plains Pop Fest (aka KCMO Cocktail Week), I felt like I should get lunch since all I had for breakfast was a… Continue reading

Kansas City: The Peanut on Main

  One of the spots I hit up in Kansas City, MO (aka KCMO), was The Peanut. The best one to go to is the one on Main Street which is generally known… Continue reading