Kansas City: Dinner at Gram and Dun

Pig wings

Asian pig wings


On my first night in Kansas City, I checked out Gram and Dun, a well-respected restaurant “at the Plaza.”

I had read the menu on the plane to KCMO so I was ready for those Asian pig wings. It turned out they were ribs (well, duh… pigs don’t have wings!). The “wings” had a deep flavor which didn’t necessitate any sauce– but of course I am not a huge sauce person.

chicken skin

chicken skin


I actually don’t eat (much) skin so the chicken skin appetizer didn’t appeal to me but my friends wanted it. They are light and airy and really quite good as chips.

Frnech onion soup dumplings

French onion soup dumplings


Sadly the French onion soup dumplings were a fail for me. I really wanted dumplings filled with caramelized onions and cheese but these resembled a 70s party food idea gone astray. Sorry Gram and Dun, let’s work on this one.

lamb shank

lamb shank


But the dinner was back on track with the enormous lamb shank. We barely ate any of it before throwing in the towel. I can see why this place can be my friend’s local and weekly spot.

I had beer when I got to Gram and Dun but they offer cocktails. It sounds like they just got a new beverage director for the group so look out for some intriguing drinks soon.

Gram and Dun

600 Ward Pkwy., Kansas City, MO 64112  —  (816) 389-2900
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