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Fall Offerings at Rush Street

I was invited to Rush Street to check out their new Fall menu.  I am generally more of a Summer person than Fall but I love the fashion of Fall. And lately, I’ve… Continue reading

Back to Waterloo & City

About a month ago, I tried out more items from Waterloo & City. Although I thought my first meal there was fine, I left feeling vaguely unsatisfied. Where was the pizazz everyone’s been… Continue reading

Waterloo & City or My Love Letter to JGold

Now you might wonder why the hell have I decorated a photo of Jonathan Gold like a love-struck teenager. Well, because I think it’s funny. I don’t usually do things unless it’s funny… Continue reading

Battle Manhattan: Mandrake VS Verdugo Bar

One of my favorite bars is the Mandrake in Culver City. It’s on La Cienenga, in between Venice and Washington. There’s a tiny sign that says “bar.” Otherwise there’s no other signage and… Continue reading

M Cafe: Salty Tooth VS Sweet Tooth

For the most part, I have a “salty” tooth but I don’t refuse desserts. Especially if it’s chocolate! This chocolate tart from M Cafe was pretty fantastic. Thick velvety chocolate in a light… Continue reading

On the Hunt for Perfect Mac & Cheese

A couple of months ago I talked about my lack of mac and cheese addiction yet I eat it all the time because I have friends who must have it. After Taste of… Continue reading

Doing Double Duty at Chego & Ford’s Filling Station

After my tamales adventure on Saturday, I went home for a bit of a rest before heading back west to check out Chego. People have described Chego to me as a ghetto Momofuku.… Continue reading

Le Saint Amour

I was in Culver City two nights in a row last week. First, I had a wild time at Rush Street. Then I was off to dinner with a friend at Le Saint… Continue reading

Wednesday Nights at Rush Street

Girls’ Night Out. Three little words women cherish. I had been planning a little get-together with the Uncouth Gourmand ladies and our friend Megan from Drago Centro. We selected a random Wednesday and… Continue reading

Beacon: Or Kimchi Goes on Everything

I went to Beacon last night for a friend’s birthday.  Although my friend and I had decided on what we were going to order a week ago, when we saw these lamb sliders,… Continue reading