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Hedwig Night in West LA: Sawtelle Kitchen & Cafe Dahab

Rainbow Carnage does a live midnight shadow cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch twice a year. A couple of weeks ago, they did a show at the NuArt. I have lost count… Continue reading

Mariscos Chente

Last year, the day after my birthday party, I had planned a mariscos crawl. This was obviously a bad decision on my part. Seafood after a night of heavy drinking? After having a… Continue reading

Mix & Match: Random Minty

Last week was a bit of a mish mash of activities. After ramen on Monday, we checked out Aux Delicies for dessert. I’ve seen this shop on Colorado in Old Town for years… Continue reading

Jane and Tarzan like Chicken Wings

Last Friday, I needed some time to unwind and catch up with some friends. One of them was craving FuRaiBo. I’ve been going to FuRaiBo for a few years now and almost everyone… Continue reading

One Bowl Meals: Cham, Lemongrass & Ramenya

Despite my many recent multi-course meals, there’s nothing like a simple one-bowl meal. Recently, I tried out Cham for the first time and had some happy return visits to Lemongrass and Ramenya. Cham… Continue reading