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Barhopping with Kevin McKidd and Macallan Scotch

The Macallan invited me to go bar hopping with Kevin Mckidd (Grey’s Anatomy) to celebrate the launch the limited edition Master of Photography bottles. Four of Kevin’s photos shot by famous photographer Annie… Continue reading

Beverly Hills: Ten Pound Bar at the Montage

Ten Pound Bar or £10 Bar at the Montage is hidden upstairs above the Scarpetta Restaurant. It exudes a speakeasy vibe as you approach the doors and enter the dimly lit bar. It’s… Continue reading

Black Grouse Distinctive Bartenders Tour at Harvard & Stone

In terms of Scotch, I tend to stick to brands like Famous Grouse because of taste and affordability. But sometimes you want something a bit more, something a bit more distinctive. Enter the… Continue reading

Rosewood Tavern Now Open

Rosewood Tavern opened a couple of weeks ago, giving Animal some competition on Fairfax. My friends and I talked about how this area needed another bar– no, really! A bar that served lots… Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Fig

Each year, three of my friends and I go out for a special holiday meal instead of getting each other presents. We started this tradition a couple of years back. Our first restaurant… Continue reading

Foodie Alert- The Four Day Weekend

Last weekend may have been a foodie’s beautiful dream with not one but two big food festivals along with the LA County Fair opening but what about this weekend? Have no fear, my… Continue reading