Happy Holidays: Fig

Blueberry & Thyme with Bourbon

Each year, three of my friends and I go out for a special holiday meal instead of getting each other presents. We started this tradition a couple of years back. Our first restaurant was Hatfields and the next year was Bashan in Glendale. Last year, we went to Animal. And this year, we picked Fig. As the resident foodie, I try to come up with something they’d like. I talked their ear off about Test Kitchen but unfortunately it closed right before we got together for our meal. I’ve had many great meals this year but Fig stood out as one of the best. Meatloaf and bacon-wrapped bacon!

The Balvenie

When we arrived, we found the Balvenie scotch tasting in full swing so we had a detour and tried the scotch. I liked the 21-year-old best while my friends preferred the sweeter tasting 12-year-old.

kurobuta pork meatballs

We were still waiting for our fourth to arrive so we decided to order a nibble to start. We choose the juicy kurobuta pork meatballs. I thought the sauce was great and of course I love anything served out of Staub cast iron.

whole Dorade with zucchini fries

short rib and pancetta meatloaf

hand-harvested scallops


I was quite sad to find the bacon-wrapped bacon was not on the menu last week.  I was then torn. Am I going to get the meatloaf? Luckily for me, the gay boyfriend was in a meaty mood and decided to get it. I got the Schnitzel which was really great. Friends had the scallops and the Dorade. Everyone loved everything and I felt I managed to find another great place for our holiday meal.

Nutella & Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Pot au Creme

Our server was very French and we just told him we wanted the “chocolate et chocolate.” I’m pretty sure he loved us for our small attempt at French. Or not. Either way, we were rewarded with rich but not overwhelmingly sweet desserts. I couldn’t decide which chocolate dessert was better. Both were excellent.

Fig was a fantastic way to celebrate our friendship. It was a special holiday meal. I’m looking forward to 2011 and more great meals with friends and family.

FIG Restaurant Santa Monica

at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel

101 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 319-3111