Boiling Crab: A Shrimptastic Good Time

A few years ago, I ran a dining club for three years and made some wonderful friends. One of them had a birthday this week and we took her to Boiling Crab since… Continue reading

SSSC: Sexy Singles Supper Club

Minty loves you. She really does. But is that love enough? Looking for your one and only? And you love food? Well, then I got an event for you. On March 18, I’ll… Continue reading

Starry Kitchen: I’ve Got Stars in My Eyes

Some time ago, I heard about Starry Kitchen but everything I looked up had no address. That’s because they were on the DL- downlow if you will. They were operating out of their… Continue reading

You’re Good with Solitude

The other day I was at an event and they had a tarot card reader. The occult has always fascinated me and when I was in college, I had a roommate who was… Continue reading

Dinner at Drago Centro

I’m no stranger to Drago Centro having gone to numerous happy hours and a few lunches but I’ve always dined at the bar. Last night, I had a multi-course dinner in the main… Continue reading

Drink Eat Play: Cupcake Challenge 2010

When I first heard about the Cupcake Challenge, I was interested but wasn’t willing to plop down $40. Just how many cupcakes could I eat anyway? Well, I ended up judging the challenge… Continue reading

Natalie Peruvian

The first time I ever went to Natalie Peruvian, it seemed like everyone knew about it and it was proclaimed to be as good if not better than the other well-known places for… Continue reading

Upcoming Minty Events

I’m working on a few different events in the next couple of months. As usual, I’ll be doing a food crawl. However, I’m doing a blog mash-up with the UncouthGourmands in March. I’m… Continue reading

Tacos & Tattoos

After the Dim Sum Truck preview, I managed to convince a couple of people to join me at the Tacos & Tattoos event in nearby Venice. There were 6 food trucks parked in… Continue reading

Foodie Alert: Dim Sum Truck Preview

Alex Chu is ready to take your order at Dim Sum Truck (soft opening this week) Yesterday, I was invited to check out the Dim Sum Truck. I had first seen them at… Continue reading