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Return to Rivera

For a belated birthday dinner last week, I went to Rivera. Besides the occasional late-night drinks and nosh, I usually go for lunch and have formed some bonds with the daytime staff. Last… Continue reading

DTLA Lunch Hunt

Ever since I moved to a new office, I’ve been on the hunt for new lunch options. Ideally, lunch should be $10 or less. But every now and then I splurge and go… Continue reading

The Tropical Truck: Taste of the Island

There’s a reason why I never chase food trucks, they’re everywhere! On Tuesday, I was going to try a truck that a friend said was really good. No, not just really good, really,… Continue reading

SF to LA: Back to Back Tacos

My last meal in SF was tacos. I hadn’t really thought about tacos or Mexican food in general during my trip. I am from LA, I have tacos on practically every corner (okay,… Continue reading

Food Truck Quickie: Ta Bom

When my office moved, I moved away from a lot of my favorite lunch places including the one I lovingly referred to as my secret spot.  I’m dying for a Mendocino Farms sandwich!… Continue reading

Brazilian: The Wood Spoon

It’s been a while since I had Brazilian food. I tend to think of it as a huge meat buffet. So when I heard about Wood Spoon in Downtown Los Angeles that was… Continue reading

Danish in DTLA: Hygge Bakery

The good thing about moving is you get to check out new stuff around you. I’m still in DTLA but now I have to find new DTLA lunch options. A few months back,… Continue reading

DTLA: Fried Chicken

“Chicken skin is so good!” “I don’t eat chicken skin. Or any skin for that matter.” “But you eat fried chicken!?” Yes, and let me tell you about my favorite fried chicken in… Continue reading

The New Border Grill Stop

Trucks? Shucks! How about we make a pit stop at the Stop? Sure, you can find Border Grill at their Santa Monica restaurant and truck but now they opened a walk-up stop just… Continue reading