DTLA Lunch Hunt

adas polo

Ever since I moved to a new office, I’ve been on the hunt for new lunch options. Ideally, lunch should be $10 or less. But every now and then I splurge and go to a sit-down restaurant. I heard about California Kabob Kitchen, this kabob place nearby and it was a pleasant enough experience until I got the bill and noticed they charged me an extra couple of bucks. I just couldn’t fathom they charged for each iced tea refill but I suppose they did. Too bad I don’t plan to go back despite the chicken kabob being pretty good.

Now I ask you, was that worth $17 something plus tip? Nah. The rice was an interesting mix of raisins, lentils and rice but in the end, it was too dry to offset the chicken. I needed…hot sauce. Or more roasted tomatoes.

California Kabob Kitchen

141 W. 11th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90015


El Comedor

Around the corner from me is this little taco shack. They are ridiculously cheap. Tacos are $1 and burritos are $3. I got one of the more expensive items on the menu, the just under $6 chile verde.

chile verde

If you eat in, they give you some chips and salsa as you wait. There are probably 5 tables in the whole place. I was shocked how tender the pork was. The chile verde sauce wasn’t too hot so I added more salsa to my rice. The beans were good. Probably made with real lard! It was a find and between El Comedor and Taqueria Llamas, the taco stand next door, I’m happy with my Mexican options. Well, more or less. El Comedor has a very short list of tacos- beef, chicken or pork.

El Comedor **

1061 S Hill St

Los Angeles, CA 90015

** Formerly Tony’s Burgers