An Affordable Lunch at Rivera

Poblano Chile Relleno

I have bemoaned the fact I now work in an area of Downtown Los Angeles where lunch spots are a bit difficult to find. I have made progress and found a couple of taco spots and a pupusa place. I also don’t mind shabu shabu for lunch, especially on a cold day. Middle Eastern? No problem, there’s this place and more. If I walk a bit further, I can go hit my favorite spots.ย  I’ve been exploring more of the Fashion District where Wood Spoon became an instant fave.

When people ask me where I’m near, I invariably say…”Rivera, not that I can afford to go there everyday.”

Well, why not? If you look at the lunch menu carefully, you can actually get the soup duo and salad for $10. The two soups change daily and the really fresh salad is just $4.

close up on the smoked chicken salad inside the chile relleno

I decided to challenge myself and see how affordable Rivera could be. Okay, so I didn’t make it out of there for $10 the last time I went but I found it can be affordable just by sticking with the appetizers:

Mussels, add a green salad = $14

Shrimp & Watermelon Mojito Salad = $10 (okay, not sure if you can really just eat three shrimp, albeit huge ones)

Serrano Ham & Idiazabel Cheese quesadilla

But I think my two new favorite things are the gigantic chile relleno stuffed with smoked chicken salad. At $9, it even comes with a bit of salad so you don’t need to add a side. Or the ham and cheese quesadilla ($6) and a side salad ($4) means you’re out of there for $10 (plus tax and tip, of course– and no cocktail, le sigh).

Rivera Restaurant

1050 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015-5100
(213) 749-1460