DTLA: Vintage 10-Fifty

Vintage 10-Fifty


My office moved a year ago to South Park in Downtown. This part of town needs more lunch spots. As much as I love Rivera and my trips to Corkbar, Bottle Rock and occasionally Hygge, I want variety. During this time, I’ve looked at Grill Fresco, the seafood place on the corner of 11th and Hill wondering if it had closed or was it going to open any time soon. Now I have hope it’s going to open. But first, Vintage 10-Fifty, the wine bar next door opened at the Belasco.

Vintage 10-Fifty bar

The Belasco next to the Mayan Theatre has rich history. Began as a live theatre, it eventually became a church and then abandoned (except for occasional filming) until now. The plans are to re-open it as a theatre (and lately there have been private events there) and three cafes and restaurants. Vintage 10-Fifty is the first to open of the three. Grill Fresco will be the sit-down seafood restaurant and Cafe Belasco is supposed to be a more casual breakfast and lunch cafe.

spicy tuna

I knew it was a wine bar but had no clue what the menu would be like. As it turned out there were some salads, a burger and then an interesting sushi menu.

Seared Salmon Salad


10-Fifty Bacon Burger with sweet potato fries

We started with the spicy tuna that came with wonton chips. I have to say the size of the scoops were generous but somewhat unwieldy to eat. I would have liked a few more chips.

My friend had the 10-Fifty bacon burger. There aren’t actually strips of bacon in this burger but rather the bacon is crumbled into the ground beef patty.

I had the seared salmon salad. The sauce was supposed to be miso butter but came out suspiciously like teriyaki. Which wasn’t bad but not quite what I was expecting. We generally liked our food though.

happy hour at Vintage 10-Fifty

While we were there, we asked about the happy hour. Food isn’t discounted by beer is $3 and well drinks are $4. We’ll be back for happy hour.

Vintage 10-Fifty


Vintage 10-Fifty Lounge

1050 S. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 – 213-746-5670