Beverly Hills: Jack & Jill

burger from Jack & Jill's

I met a friend at Jack & Jill’s a few months back for lunch in Beverly Hills. The menu seemed kind of too healthy for me. My friend got the veggie burger but with an actual meat patty. I suppose he liked the toppings more.

meatloaf sandwich

I zeroed in on the meatloaf. Unfortunately, it was a tad dry. I love meatloaf so I was bummed out a bit. Maybe it’s a good thing though. I have been thinking about cutting out ground meat (unless I know how it’s ground) lately. Possibly I was thinking this as my friend rushed off to the gym after our “healthy-ish” lunch but still, it’s a good idea to know where exactly your food is coming from.

Jack & Jill’s

342 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 247-4500