DTLA: Vintage 10-Fifty Menu Revamp

loaded tater tots


Vintage 10-Fifty led the way to a couple of interesting restaurants to open at the corner of 11th and Hill at the Belasco building.  First Wraps & Rolls opened then Dos Chinos. Of the three, I really wanted V1050 to work. I tried it a few times but it was obvious the disorganization was not helping. About a couple of months ago, I had heard they were going to do a menu revamp and focus on burgers. I stopped once in the interim and many of the items were crossed off the menu. Progress.

Then I went in this week and the menu had indeed changed but now it’s pricey sandwiches instead of pricey psuedo-sushi. What happened to the burgers menu? It’s obvious the menu is trying to cater to the late night crowd of the Belasco but as a nearby office lunch spot, it’s uncomfortable. The lounge is invariably empty and even the bartender is confused why we would want to have lunch there.

We decided to try the loaded tots as an appetizer. Although I’m not a proponent of dairy, these tots needed more cheese.

chicken club


My friend got the chicken club. She said it was good. I eyed the smallish sandwich suspiciously. It seemed hardly worth something about to hit the $10 mark although it did come with a choice of sides; fries, tots or onion rings. I would have liked a salad option.

pulled pork sandwich


I ordered onion rings with my pulled pork. I was a bit surprised to see several rings stuffed into my sandwich. If I had known, I would have gotten tots (not the loaded ones though). Or maybe extra cole slaw. It was nice it came with a wheat bun. It wasn’t totally horrible but I just can’t see myself eating this unhealthy during lunch. Maybe I should have gotten a quesadilla and added shrimp or chicken to it. But when you get to that point, it’d be better to get a chicken quesadilla at the reasonably priced taco shacks across the street like El Comedor or Taqueria Llamas across the street.


Vintage 10-Fifty Lounge

1050 S. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 – 213-746-5670