DTLA: Lunch at Pattern Bar

Strawberry Lemonade


I finally had a chance to check out Pattern Bar for lunch last week. I always meant to go back after my initial drinks when the bar first opened this summer. I really wanted an arepa but once I got there, I opted for a sandwich.

Dolce & Havana


The fashioned-themed named items didn’t stop at the cocktails list. The cubano sandwich was named the Dolce & Havana. It was unlike any cubano sandwich I ever had. For one thing, it was massive (which relieved me since it was also $12). Unfortunately, it didn’t come with sides although I doubt you needed any after the liberal helping of braised pork and ham along with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, banana peppers and aioli. It also came with a chimichurri-like dip.

Three of the four of us had the exact same order- strawberry lemonade and Dolce & Havana. Next time, I think we should have ordered some salads to share along with different sandwiches. I eyeballed someone’s Del Mar, a tuna fish salad sandwich. I asked her if it was fresh tuna and she said it was. I happen to love tuna but get turned off if it’s from a can. I wouldn’t mind trying it next time or the Italian press knowing my love of Italian deli meat sandwiches.

Or there are the Venezuelan arepas which sounded on the lighter side. The braised pork, La Pabellon, with caramelized onions and black beans is probably as wonderful as the cubano sandwich.

There are also 10 different salads, probably paying another nod to the Fashion district where Pattern Bar is located. A few have animal protein and one is turkey. If you’re into Thanksgiving-like flavors, I’d give La Pava with turkey, romaine, candied walnuts, sundried tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese and lemon ranch dressing a whirl. Although I’d probably go with the Mixta myself. It’s chicken, romaine, avocado, pepperoncini, bacon, bleu cheese, hardboiled egg and that lemon ranch dressing. Although I’d switch out with the strawberry balsamic or the basil olive oil and vinegar. I’m not much into creamy dressings.

Overall, it’s a bit pricey for the typical DTLA lunch but it’s such a nice spot, you almost can forgive the $12 sandwiches and $5 lemonades. The strawberry at least is freshly made with agave and presented very much like their cheerful and brightly colored cocktails.


Pattern Bar

100 W 9th St.,  Los Angeles, CA 90015