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The Valley: Teru Sushi

While visiting Black Market a few weeks ago, Jennie from the Happy Hour Tour mentioned Teru was really good sushi. A light bulb went off in my head that it might be a… Continue reading

Ramen Bull Pops In at Breadbar West Third

Noodles pop-ups at Breadbar West Third isn’t anything new but this particular Ramen Bull pop-up will last much longer than a night or a few days. Get your ramen Monday through Saturday from… Continue reading

Pasadena: O2 Sushi

Whenever I hear about a new sushi place in Pasadena, I cautiously approach it. I have had my heart broken so many times in Pasadena. The closest I’ve come to decent sushi is… Continue reading

Aburiya Toranoko Now Open for Lunch

When Aburiya Toranoko first opened for lunch, I raved about it so much, I tried to go for lunch with a friend shortly after and discovered they weren’t open for lunch…then. They are… Continue reading

UK: Koya

For St. Patrick’s day this year… I had udon. This wasn’t supposed to be the plan. Earlier in the day, we grabbed a wonderful lunch at Spuntino and was planning on Hawksmoor for… Continue reading

UK: Tsuru & Tate Modern

After a quickie casual lunch at Tsuru around the corner (touted as one of those good, cheapie lunch spots mostly known for their curry), I headed to the Tate Modern. I’m a big… Continue reading

Quick Meals Around L.A.: Tart, New Moon, Mishima

Last Friday after Happy Hour at Monsieur Marcel and a round of shopping at the Grove, we headed over to Tart at the Farmer’s Daughter for dinner. I’ve always wanted to check out… Continue reading

DTLA: Yojie Japanese Fondue & Sake Bar

In my everlasting hunt for good DTLA lunch spots, I headed over to Yojie for shabu shabu. They describe shabu shabu as “Japanese fondue” which I suppose is correct. If you’re unfamiliar with… Continue reading

Traveling Around Asia in LA, Part III

Recently I informally¬† surveyed friends about discount codes like Blackboard Eats and special offers like Groupon. To my surprise, some preferred buying special offers. They have made a commitment and damnit, they were… Continue reading

Soul in the Bowl, Part I

Sometimes when you’re hungry and you’ve been shopping for hours, all you want to do is have a snack. Or a meal, especially since you’ve skipped lunch and it’s now 4 p.m. That… Continue reading