The Valley: Teru Sushi

Twilight Roll

While visiting Black Market a few weeks ago, Jennie from the Happy Hour Tour mentioned Teru was really good sushi. A light bulb went off in my head that it might be a great place to start off a night for a mini-crawl. I took my best friend to Teru a couple of weekends ago and then we hit up Laurel Tavern next door and ended up at Black Market for cocktails.

stuffed shishito peppers

We started with the stuffed shishito peppers and Twilight roll. I was hoping the stuffed shishito peppers would be similar to the ones I had recently at Chaya for their beer garden. Unfortunately these were massive breaded things with over-cooked spicy tuna. Fortunately the Twilight roll was much better. With crab, tuna, salmon, smelt egg and avocado, this rice-less roll was wrapped with peeled cucumber. My best friend thought the crab simulated the rice feel of a roll.

lobster won ton soup

iced green tea

The lobster won ton soup sounded really good. We shared the bowl of three won tons. I was happy that I was given a carafe of iced green tea. The soup was very salty.

sushi with spicy tuna roll

close up of the spicy tuna roll and spicy scallop nigiri

Ah, now I know why people like Teru. The sushi was fresh and the spicy tuna roll was massive. I feel the sushi was the restaurant’s stronger point rather than the cooked items. The next time I visit, I want to sit at the sushi bar. My favorites this evening were the spicy scallop nigiri and the Japanese ono. The mackerel was quite mild and I always love salmon.

The happy hour didn’t seem like anything special but they had lunch deals that sounded fun.

Teru Sushi

11940 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604 – (818) 763-6201