Culver City: Progressive Indian Food Crawl Recap

samosas from Samosa House

A few weekends ago, I hosted the Progressive Indian Food Crawl. We wanted to hit up some popular Indian restaurants in Culver City. It may not be Artesia but there are some damn good finds here. And if you look, you can even go home with a sari or some bindi. But first, the food!

combo plate from Samosa House

jackfruit curry

We had to order the samosas at Samosa House, of course. There were five of us at the time so we ordered 3. I am now wondering why we didn’t order one each as it was only $1.50 per samosa. These were on the bigger side, however. I loved how light the wrapper was and how perfect the potatoes were inside. If you’re into fried potatoes (and who isn’t?), this is the perfect snack for any time of day but most especially after a fun night on the town.

It was early so we decided to get one combo plate to share. Val from Trippy Food said the jackfruit curry was his favorite. I wanted to try the saag. All of it was good.

Check out more pics at Samosa House from my flickr set. Loved the bottles of rosewater.

We are now done with the “appetizer” part of the progressive crawl.

Samosa House

11510 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066‎

plate from Annapurna

We were supposed to go to Bawarchi after Samosa House but Bawarchi was going to open late that day. There was a family emergency and the chef asked us to come back.

We headed east on Venice to Annapurna. They were doing buffet though we could have order a la carte. After going back and forth, we decided to do the buffet because it made more fiscal sense and we could try more things that way.

potato dosa

inside of the dosa

When I first eyed the buffet, I wondered about the bright red stuff that looked a bit like sweet and sour Chinese stir-fry alongside the container of noodles…that looked like chow mein. We joked this was the East Asian nod to Indian food. It turns out the bright red stuff was Gobi Manchurian and my favorite dish of the buffet and the “chow mein” wasn’t half-bad. In fact, it was very good. Gobi Manchurian is breaded cauliflower, fried and then tossed in a garlic and tomato curry. The bright color comes from one of the spices.

More pics on flickr!

And now our “main” course was done and we forged on for dessert.


10200 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232‎

Hare Krishna Temple and Masonic Lodge live in harmony, side by side

We headed further east to India’s Sweets & Spices. I haven’t been to this location before though I’ve eyed it through the years. We passed the Hare Krishna temple along the way. The day was brilliant. Check out that sky!

Indian sweets

It was somewhat difficult to order not knowing what anything was. There was a non-refrigerated case filled with desserts made “without milk” and the cooler case had desserts made “with milk.” We quickly got to pointing and had a full plate of dessert in no time. The plate was then weighed. We got everything pictured above for around $10.

The group seemed to be split on the favorite. Many loved the chocolate-colored ball that had shredded coconut sprinkled on top. I personally hate the texture of coconut and nibbled off a piece that wasn’t contaminated. I thought I’d adore more of the desserts but strangely quite a few were dry and perhaps they were meant to be that way but I didn’t like the dryness. Good thing I also had ordered a strawberry lassi. The tart thin shake was perfect.

Dessert was finished. Our three-courses were done.

Fun pics on flickr!

India’s Sweets & Spices

9409 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90034‎

Where is this year going? It’s already August and so far I’ve only done a couple of “official” Minty food crawls this year. I really want to reschedule Meat On A Stick crawl but that may wait until the end of the year. For those of you anxious about my bar crawls, those will be coming soon. I swear I’ll get on the Hot Bartenders of Hollywood soon. And if the weather cools down, I may even throw together a fireplace bar crawl. Yep, that’s right, we’ll go to bars that have fireplaces. Just as soon as it’s not 90 degrees every other week.

In the meantime, what do you think my next food crawl should be?