UK: Tsuru & Tate Modern

view from inside the Tate Modern of the Millenium Bridge/ Thames River

After a quickie casual lunch at Tsuru around the corner (touted as one of those good, cheapie lunch spots mostly known for their curry), I headed to the Tate Modern. I’m a big fan of modern art and this was the museum I most wanted to see.

pork katsu

I had the Pork Katsu at Tsuru. I was surprised the pork included some bit of fat. In the States, that would have been trimmed away. It made the simple lunch a bit more fun. I also really liked the plating. I can’t imagine those heavy stone plates being much fun to wash.

This statue in front of a big pile of clothes reminds me of a slightly disorganized room I know so very well.Throw in some shoes and I might as well move my room over to the Tate.

This sign, “Please do not touch. Even clean hands leave marks and damage surfaces” made me laugh. This sign is typical of British signage I saw everywhere. In America, we’d just tell you to not touch. We don’t tell you why. It’s assumed it’s a bad thing if you do.

For more pictures from the Tate Modern, visit my Flickr set.

The Globe

Near the Tate Modern is the The Globe theatre. I went the second evening I was in England and enjoyed their production of Macbeth. It was pretty exciting to see Shakespeare at the Globe. And I liked the modern interpretation of Macbeth. There were soldiers in camouflage and as well as explosions and smoke.


4 Canvey Street, Bankside, UK, SE1 9AN, UK

Tate Modern

Park Street, Bankside, London SE1 9TG, United Kingdom

The Globe

Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5JY, UK