Pop! Goes the Weasel

Pop Champagne Bar offers happy hour every Tuesday through Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. The beginning bites is 20% off and $4 draft beer (Miller High Life for $3), bellinis and mimosas.… Continue reading

Hedwig Night in West LA: Sawtelle Kitchen & Cafe Dahab

Rainbow Carnage does a live midnight shadow cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch twice a year. A couple of weeks ago, they did a show at the NuArt. I have lost count… Continue reading

Sushi Night in Pasadena: Oba Sushi

I have a friend who hasn’t been to Little Tokyo in probably 20 years. It’s not that far from her but for some reason,it’s this mysterious place. She’s asked me to play tour… Continue reading

Staycation on the Rivera

I have over 40 vacation days right now. Sadly, I don’t have any upcoming long vacations but I do have a couple of short get-aways planned. In the meantime, people have been tossing… Continue reading

Pastrami Dreams: Langer’s Deli

This week I was telling someone about my love for pastrami. Like most Angelenos, I love Langer’s. However, I have been trying to give up dairy. I continue to eat dairy sporadically but… Continue reading

Summer Tasting: LA Street Food Fest

Shawna Dawson and Sonia Rasula brought the first LA Street Food Fest together in February. I had a great time but in all honesty, I would have not attended the second event if… Continue reading

Cube’s Wine Classes at DTLA Pop-up

Back in April, I attended one of Cube’s wine education classes at their office also known as their Saturday Marketplace and Pop-up. They offer gardening classes as well as wine education quarterly. Bonus,… Continue reading

Chinese Noodles FACE OFF: Bamboodles VS JTYH

At Bamboodles, a noodle shop in San Gabriel, you’ll find a Noodles Master toiling behind glass making springy noodles. To get that pleasantly chewy quality of noodle, the Master hops on a big… Continue reading

Hungry Hollywood: Hungry Cat

Following drinks at Musso and Frank’s, we headed over to The Hungry Cat. The Hungry Cat was fairly busy and we didn’t have reservations last Tuesday. They seated us outside which they assured… Continue reading

Sexy Singles Soiree- Summer Party!

The Vixen of Vixen’s LA Happy Hours and I are proud to announce our Summer Party, the third Sexy Singles Soiree! More details soon but consider this your save-the-date and invitation to join… Continue reading