UK: Bob Bob Ricard

Press for champagne.

Oooh, really?

It’s like those buttons at Korean restaurants in LA except, maybe even better.

Rhubarb gin & tonic

I first heard about Bob Bob Ricard from Catty’s post sometime last Fall. This was before I had booked my flight to the UK. Somehow I always had it in the back of my head I was going to this Soho restaurant in London.

They do a 2 or 3 course prix fixe for the theatre crowd. I opted to go with the 2-course but they would have readily allowed me to order dessert if I wanted it later. I started with a Ruhubarb gin & tonic which was slightly too sweet for me.

white bean soup with black truffle

scallop & shrimp shell pie

I couldn’t decide on my appetizer. The white bean soup with black truffle  looked great or I could go off the prix fixe menu like my friend did. In the end, I ordered the Russian salad with a shot of vodka (hiya!).

Russian Salad

I’m glad I got the salad. It even came with shaved black shuffles so it was very luxurious.

poached Loch Duart salmon with warm cucumber dill & mustard

truffled potato & mushroom vareniki with crispy onion rings

My friends had the salmon and potato dumplings as their mains. I decided to go all out and have the onglet (hanger steak). Sometimes you just want some meat.

O'Shea's Beef Onglet with carmelized onions and green peppercorn sauce

It was a lovely meal but if I ever went back, I’d go for more of the regular menu. The roasted suckling pig pork belly or the pork cheeks sounded great.

We didn’t have room for dessert after all. Too bad, but we were saving room for more liquid refreshments around the corner.

Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James Street, Soho, W1F 9DF, UK