UK: Pistachio & Pickle Supper Club

amuse bouche - mini Guinness

While in London, I was excited to try two supper clubs. They’re quite popular there (as they are in LA). After eating at pop-ups, Michelin-starred chef revamped menus at a local pub, offerings from Borough Market, proper Pub lunch, real English fish and chips, afternoon tea, super new restaurants, curryblogger favorites and assorted random restaurants, it was nice to have a home-cooked meal.

The day after St. Patty’s, we headed east to Pistachio & Pickles supper club. The menu was St. Patty’s themed and we started off with a tiny Guinness glass of soup with a lovely foam. It was called “a hint of the black stuff.”

Irish Breakfast

Then we were dazzled by this Irish breakfast plate. The shamrock-shaped potato farl was topped with a poached duck egg, bacon and black pudding was crumbled on top. The whole thing came together once I broke the yolk. I was slightly embarrassed that I polished my plate but then I realized everyone else was doing the same.

fish course- scallops

The fish course were scallops with a green shamrock shape piped in surrounded by a bounty of clams. Being a seafood lover, I ate it all. The scallops were perfectly cooked.

Irish Stew

The Irish stew was made with lamb steak, lamb neck and onions. It was served with a  savory potato and carrot confit.I almost wished there was more confit!

Giants' Causeway Dessert

After enjoying three cheeses from Ireland and homemade chutney, we were given a charming dessert. The homemade chocolate ice cream went well with the black currant jelly. Loved the plating for this.

Our hosts, Matt and Steve are wonderful. I enjoyed eating surrounded by their family, dog and new friends. I also thought it was very cool we got a gift bag to go. I gobbled the pistachio macaron before I could take a picture of it.

If you’re in London or planning a visit, I highly recommend going to a supper club to get away from restaurant dining. I wish I was in town for their next dinner on April 15 which is a Greek theme. Oppa!

Pistachio & Pickle