UK: Tinello

steamed mussels, chili, garlic


I joined some London food bloggers for their Italian Club meal at Tinello a couple of weeks back. The six of us ordered all the appetizers and I went with the pork cheeks parpadelle as my pasta.

calamari fritti

It was really fun to get to know this group and to learn how their Italian Club started. One of the founders, Jordi, is from Australia and she said it’s easy to find a good Italian meal there. Considering the proximity of England to Italy (versus Australia to Italy), couldn’t they find a good Italian restaurant in London? Well, it’s an enjoyable endeavor. Jordi blogs at “A Long Way From Home.” The other co-founder is Jassy of Gin and Crumpets. When I asked them if they actually tried to speak Italian during these dinners, they laughed. No! This is strictly an eating club.

burrata and pomengranate seeds

Also at this dinner was my friend Nicola whom I was staying with, EuWen of “A Rather Unusual Chinaman” and Emma who does PR& Marketing for The Ship (I should I note I ate at her restaurant before meeting her).

anchovies crostini

Tuscan proscuitto

zucchini (courgettes) fries

You know you’re with food writers when you order the entire list of appetizers. But wait, there’s more!

Tuscan chicken liver crostini

roasted eggplant (aubergines)

slow cooked loin of pork


We had the mussels, burrata, anchovies crostini, proscuitto, zucchini fries, chicken liver, roasted eggplant and shaved roasted pork loin. I did think the plates of proscuitto and pork were odd without something (other than the house bread) to eat it with. Not that they weren’t tasty but it’s been a few years since the Atkins craze and I don’t generally eat deli meat by itself. My favorites were the mussels and zucchini fries.

pork cheeks parpadelle

Everyone enjoyed their pastas though I have to say I was in love with the pork cheeks parpadelle. The sauce was perfect and I liked how al dente my pasta was.


chocolate and hazelnut semi freddo


Besides the two desserts, we also ordered the pecorino cheese plate which turned out to be four small slices…which they served with a gigantic bread basket!

Of the two desserts; the chocolate and hazelnut semi freddo and tiramisu, I liked the hazelnut one more.

Overall, the meal was quite nice but definitely not the best Italian food I’ve had. I suppose the Italian Club will have to keep dining out in Londontown. I wonder if they would like to come to L.A. and swing by Drago Centro with me?



87 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8PH, UK