UK: The White Room Supper Club

The White Room

It’s was my last night in London and for dinner, we chose The White Room supper club. Run by Claudia, she is passionate about cooking and immediately served us spiced mimosas and two nibbles; salmon crepe rolls and tapenade swirls when we got there.

spicy scallop and mango spoons

It’s called the White Room because her place is mostly decorated in white with touches of silver. I loved how vibrant these yellow flowers were and the centerpieces just popped against the stark room.

After chatting with some newfound friends, we sat down and had the scallop and mango spoons. We had brought a bubbly and a white wine and decided to continue with the prosecco.

Jerusalem artichoke soup with black truffle and homemade bread

I’ve never liked the description of “homemade” at restaurants preferring the term “housemade” as it’s not really “home” made to me when at a restaurant. But we were in Claudia’s home and this was definitely a supper club. The soup was a lovely warming thing in the chill of the night, London was still recovering from the rain from the day before. It rained only once during my travels and luckily, I was able to ignore it. Big deal for a Southern California girl!

smoked fish tart with seasonal salad

The smoked fish (salmon) tart was a delectable, buttery thing. It was a good thing a salad came with. I could see eating just this as a light lunch.

lemon & parsley roasted salmon with champagne & chive sauce on leek risotto

You may wonder as I did why there was so much salmon in this meal. I almost thought we were in the Pacific North West (North America) but every dish was a little bit different. I really liked this entree and ate up the risotto like the carbo-lovin’ fiend that I am.

champagne jelly with raspberries, birthday cake

This was the one-year birthday of the White Room and what was more appropriate than birthday cake? We also had a champagne jelly with luscious raspberries peeking out of it. Served with a glass of Anna de Codorniu Brut, I realized I had had some sort of bubbly all evening, even in the last fish course and the champers dessert.

Bubbles for a meal was definitely the way to celebrate.

The White Room

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