UK: Dishoom

When I was leaving for the UK, everyone insisted I must have Indian food while I in London. But of course! But where? We could have gone out to the East but opted to go to Dishoom, a hot place that is quite the blogger favorite.

It wasn’t terribly busy when we got there. We waited 15 minutes for a table. I took the time to admire the photographs and memorabilia on the walls. It was like sitting on a set of a Bollywood movie.I also adored the downstairs bar area. It’s very art deco.


I’m not entirely certain why I was on a bit of a mojito kick while in London. Maybe it’s because I just like mint drinks. I had an English Mojito the evening before at Alphabet and couldn’t resist trying the Dishoom Indian mojito, Chaijito. While the English mojito just replaced rum with Hendricks, Dishoom infused the rum with chai. It was light and refreshing, exactly what I needed for the spicy meal ahead of me.

Chicken Shorba soup

I was feeling a bit poorly (the weather? allergies?) so the chicken shorba soup sounded very soothing. It featured coriander, spring onions in a “nourishing broth.” Whether the soup cured me of my ills or whether I believed the hype, I did feel better.

Dill Salmon Tikka salad

If you’re not in the mood for a curry, Dishoom does a great salmon salad.

vegetarian Ruby Murray of the day

With an order of garlic naan, we were all set with the vegetarian Ruby Murray of the day. Ruby Murray is cockney slang for “Indian dinner” or she was also a popular singer back in the day. I found people would say they were going for curry when they meant Indian food (and then not actually get curry to eat).

lamb biryani

Somewhere in that pot of rice were tender pieces of lamb. Overall, the meal was quite fun. I liked being in the dining room, looking at all the photos. But there was a part of me that wondered about going to an ahem, grubbier place for “curry.”

Later, I would find out Dishoom is better known for their breakfast. Aw, next time! That bacon naan wrap will be mine! Plus, I didn’t get a chance to explore the difference between American and British bacon.


12 Upper St Martins Lane
City of London WC2H 9FB, UK