UK: Sherlock Holmes Museum & Bar Linda

The Sherlock Holmes Museum


After lunch at Bar Linda across the street, I headed over to the Sherlock Holmes Museum much to my Brit pal’s dismay. I know I had no reasonable explanation of why I wanted to go to such a tourist trap other than it seemed fun.

there are hats and pipes everywhere!

Well, save your pounds because I leisurely strolled through the “museum” in about 15 minutes. I photographed everything I could. View the photos here. There are a few people dressed up who’ll helpfully take your photo if you like. The gift shop is small but carries all the usual souvenirs besides the Sherlock Holmes (and Watson!) related stuff.

There are few other stores– including the Beatles shop next door, Regent Park and Madame Tussaud’s in the area. But other than Regent Park, I’d skip. I wish I had made it to the British Museum or the Soane instead. On the plus side, I did take some gorgeous photos walking around.

Bar Linda chicken curry

Although I had a great meal at Dishoom, I still wanted more Indian food. I saw a sign for 5 pound curry and headed in. I realized my error right away. This was just a “caff” (cafe) where they served a variety of items including breakfast and the odd Mexican dish. The chicken curry wasn’t bad but it was a bit bland and safe. I think I actually left hungrier than when I came in but on the plus side, it was cheap enough to wander around to see what else I could scrounge up.


Bar Linda

224-226 Baker Street
London NW1 5RT, UK


Sherlock Holmes Museum

221B Baker Street
London NW1 6XE, UK