UK: Afternoon Tea at the Wolseley

Well, I’d love to show you pictures of my afternoon tea at the Wolseley but they didn’t allow pictures. Odd since I saw pictures from others…ahem, I suppose I could’ve have snuck pics like someone else but I didn’t.

When I was getting afternoon tea recommendations, people would sigh and say the Wolseley would be a good alternative if I couldn’t get into a better place. Okay. Knowing how difficult it was to get reservations (bookings) at the last minute, we just called up the Wolseley straight away. They turned us down. Rather, they just told us to come in (and hope for the best?). When we got there, they said it’d be about a 40 minute wait but luckily, it turned into just a 15 minute wait. Then they extracted a promise from us to be done within an hour before we were seated.

We ordered the afternoon tea and out came the three-tiered platters. The top featured scones, the middle had sweets and the last plate had 5 sandwiches. I had scoffed the night before about cucumber sandwiches but there they were. And I ate the savory stuff first. I liked the chicken the best. I’m glad I stuck to classic Earl Grey.

My friend thought it was odd all four of the scones were the same. I thought the sweets were fine but all the while, I felt a bit uneasy. This place was a bit too scene-y for me. I’ve heard it’s much better for breakfast.

I wondered if I should give afternoon tea another go somewhere else? But since this meal cost 21 pounds (for tea and sandwiches!), I didn’t really need another experience.

The Wolseley

160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB., UK