Minty in the UK: Dinner at Fox & Grapes

Ox Liver Pate

I was in the UK for 11 days and after a delayed and long flight, I  made it to my friend’s house in Wimbledon just slightly frazzled, mostly sleep-deprived and very much excited. I was quite starved by the time I downed a cider at her local pub and then walked over to Fox & Grapes. Freshly painted and with a menu revamped by Claude Bosi, a French born chef with a two-starred Michelin restaurant; Hibiscus, this seemed like a good place for me to recharge.

We ordered some wine and a couple of appetizers to share. I immediately was drawn to the ox liver pate. And the snail lasagne seemed like a good bet as well.

snail lasagne

Chef Claude has said the menu would be English classics with an emphasis on local products. Our entrees were recognizable as such.

English brown ale battered hake and chips

mushy peas

I was really torn about my meal. Would I get the fish and chips with mushy peas? The sausage and mashed potatoes (bangers & mash!) or the pork belly? Fortunately, my table mates got the fish and pork while I happily ordered the sausage.

I was very curious about the mushy peas. They weren’t horrible canned, icky green colored things. But rather, a delicately freshly smashed pea dish. I actually liked it as there was a bit of mint in it. Yum, minty!  (ha, I said minty).

Traditional Cumberland Sausage on buttered mash & red onion gravy

My bangers and mash came neatly coiled up with a delicious red onion gravy. I agreed to eat half and switch for the pork belly which looked amazing.

crispy plantation pork belly, spring onion, pink fir potatoes, black pudding

I’m so glad I swiched. While I liked my bangers & mash, the pork belly with the crispy spring onion was really good. And I had my first taste of black pudding in England.

treacle & pecan tart with clotted cream

blood orange and saffron trifle

We couldn’t leave without dessert so we ordered the treacle and pecan tart which I loved. It was just my thing, a little sweet, a little nutty. The blood orange and saffron trifle was also very good. Loved that it was so fluffy.

We rolled out of there and I was glad to have the 20 minute walk back to the house to think about how great my first eating adventure was a pop-up, of sorts. It would bode well for the next 10 days. I would eventually eat at a variety places- blogger favorites, hot new spots, supper clubs and another pop-up along with some random “cheap and cheerful” joints.

I fell asleep dreaming of pork belly and treacle.

The Fox & Grapes

9 Camp Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 4UN, UK