Tale of Two Hubert Kellers- Fleur de Lys & Burger Bar in Las Vegas

Back in October, I went to Vegas and had a few great meals. One of them was Fleur de Lys which I enjoyed only a couple of hours after landing. Which meant the gay boyfriend and I ate with the bluehairs at 5 p.m.

Then we had a midnight snack at Burger Bar closer to Midnight. Looking back, I appreciated that meal only to highlight how absolutely fantastic Fleur de Lys was. Oh Hubert Keller, how could Burger Bar be so crappy?

trio of sliders

Burger Bar has a funny system where you basically pick your choice of meat, an array of toppings, various buns, etc. I decided I didn’t have enough brain power to do all that at midnight so I ordered the sliders. Everything initially tasted good but as the food cooled and our appetites were satiated, everything started tasting a bit off. I ended up not eating the buns for the sliders and stopped eating the fries. Even the wonderfully fried onion rings were weird.

They did have some burgers that you didn’t have to do a thing but order like the foie gras burger ($60) but after explaining to my group what foie gras was, they all decided it was disgusting so I didn’t get to order it.


But still, nothing was horrible. It just didn’t seem to be worth the price (except for maybe my $15 22 oz Doc’s Draft Pear Cider). However, one in our party really didn’t like her food so the manager ended up taking 10% off our entire bill. That was very kind of them.

Late night you see a lot of drunks walking to and fro. This is after, all Las Vegas. Burger Bar seems more like a frat/ sports bar anything with the crowd seemingly made up of 80% guys. I did witness a waitress help a girl in an extremely short skirt to the restroom. She later stumbled back to her table with her skirt hitched almost up to her crotch. Oh wow. Note to drunk girls, Burger Bar is not dark enough to hide bare thighs.

Moving back to Fleur de Lys where you definitely don’t see drunk girls walking about,  or maybe it was too early to see them.

Our three-course meal was perfect from beginning to end. The $55 Lion King Prix Fixe  included a choice of soup or salad, salmon or braised short ribs and a selection of chocolate for dessert.

I started out with the guava caipirinha which at $15 could have been a bigger glass. It was tasty though.

creamy onion soup

I ordered the soup and short ribs. The gay boyfriend also had the soup and chose the salmon. The soup was a creamy onion that was delicious with this little morsel of pork. Oh, I could have had 10 of these tiny bites of heavenly oink oink. But alas, it was just the one tidbit.


short ribs

Now, usually I worry about short ribs never being tender enough but Fleur de Lys was great. Every bite was delicious. I also loved the leeks in it.

trio of desserts

Finally just as we didn’t think we could eat any more came our dessert. We were each given a tiny shot glass of a peanut butter shake, a chocolate fondant cake and a decently-sized scoop of Bailey’s ice cream on a really nice thin crisp of chocolate. I can’t decide if I liked my short ribs more or the dessert. Let’s just say I loved both equally.

Service was very good and they kept a careful eye on our waters, never letting them go even half-way empty. I enjoyed the complimentary bread as well. I wish we could have had a more leisurely meal but we had things to run off to.

I’m sticking to Hubert’s high end restaurants from now because you get what you pay for.