PappaRich- From Asia to Pasadena

Over the holidays, I stumbled upon a blog post about PappaRich. All I took from it was it was new, there was a discount and it was in Pasadena.

Okay, I remember more than that.

But a few days after I read the post, I was in Old Town Pasadena for Happy Hour at Maikobe when a friend mentioned Pappa Rich. I thought we should go as I was highly interested in this tea contraption.

mocha swirl bun

After sampling a piece of the bun, I decided I really didn’t care for it. It is very light and not too sweet. Very Asian. And I being a true dessert fiend wanted something richer. Perhaps this mocha swirl bun would be better hot (shown is my friend’s bun).

mint brownie sandwich cookie

I chose the mint brownie cookie sandwich. I have to admit, I didn’t like it as much as say a cupcake. I expected the cookie to be softer and it was very hard, almost like a biscuit but I suppose that’s what tea is for!

I also expected it to be rich like a brownie but it wasn’t.

I also was not a fan of the frosting and I ended up cracking that thing open like an Oreo and scraping most of it out to eat.

tea contraption

They offered to put it in a to-go cup but of course I wanted to see the magic happen.


The timer goes for 3 minutes.

tea is almost ready!

It’s brewing away. I’m glad to have this handy dandy tiger timer to tell me when it’s ready.

teapot on the glass mug

Once the timer is up, you move the teapot over the glass mug, latch on and it automatically starts the tea.

I enjoyed this process a little too much.


100 W. Green St.
Pasadena, CA 91105