The Lazy Ox

Lazy Ox's lights

let there be light

I love these giant lightbulbs at the Lazy Ox. When I first saw them, the artist designer in me was thrilled.

I was equally happy the food matched the atmosphere. I first came in for a party thrown for family and friends of the Ox when it just opened back in December. Some of the appetizers served that night wound up in various forms for their new happy hour which first started off as 5 dishes for $5, $3 house wine and discounted draft beer. I was pleased to see there are more than 5 dishes though.

Last week, I had pork, pork and more pork. One of my faves was the pig trotter.

pig trotter with gooseberry sauce

I went gaga (but not Lady Gaga) for those greens. They reminded me of what is usually described as Japanese mountain vegetables but they told us it was kale. Kale?! Must be baby kale.

Last night, I invited some friends for happy hour and we ordered almost everything on the happy hour menu along with some specials off the blackboard and the regular menu (which we wound up calling the “secret” menu).

Some highlights-

diced potatoes

beef skewers

I’m a meat and potatoes kind of gal sometimes.

chicken wings

pig's ear

razor clam

The other day, I posted the “Flash or No Flash” post asking opinions. Most food bloggers chimed in “no flash.” My thought, but what if it’s dark? My friends said, “flash.” Food bloggers still maintained no flash and to up the ISO. What the hell is ISO? Then someone mentioned the macro button. Wha? What are all these terms? I figured I would learn quickly as with anything I do, I will master it eventually, hopefully with a very short learning curve.

But I did cheat a bit and had DJ Jewelz mess with my camera. I hoped he’d show me these magical things like ISO and the macro button but what he did was program my camera so now I’ve got a head start. That razor clam photo was the first pic I took with a higher ISO, no flash and on macro.

It was the best pic I took of the night.

Unfortunately, I know I’m not that steady and Jewelz explained I can turn down the ISO. Um, I better not mess with the settings. I think I’ll just keep practicing because after all, don’t we get better with practice? It’s a good thing I eat out all the time so I have plenty of subjects to practice on!

Here are a few more pics of the night-

farro salad

“Where’s farro from?”

Minty, “Egypt” (I was thinking about the ancient grains like spelt)

Jewelz, “Not that pharoah!”

Apparently, I was wrong and farro’s from Italy.

razor clam ceviche

AKesq and Carina of the Uncouthgourmands asked if the chef (I love Josef Centeno and have followed him for years starting from Opus) would serve the razor clam raw. At first he wouldn’t because he thought it’d be too tough but then he spun out this marvelous ceviche tasting of a yuzu marinade.

Sharing all the dishes with 6 or 7 people left me wanting the burger for myself. I was never going to be full from a bite or two from each plate!

burger and fries

I didn’t specify how well I wanted the burger done and only belatedly wondered if I could have gotten it medium rare. Yeah, I know it’s illegal but that’s how I like my juicy, bloody meat! The burger is still great, very juicy and before I knew it, my fries were all gone.

I did convince several others they needed the baco. I loved Chef Josef’s bacos from Opus and was very pleased he brought them to the Ox. I got everyone so excited, we were chanting and waving our fists around. The poor bartender got uber weirded out by us and was scared if he didn’t immediately fling a couple of bacos our way.


I had a baco last week and it was as good as I remembered though in my mind the flatbread was thicker and smaller. Also, there were no greens but it helped cut the fat of the pork.

I can’t wait to figure out what my camera can really do but in the meantime, I’ll look forlornly at a couple of my old flash photos like these mussels from last week at the Ox.

spicy mussels

With homemade sirracha, these mussels were spicy! But very lovely and a great broth.

I was to full for dessert last night but experienced the sweet indulgence last week in the form of the chocolate pate.

chocolate pate

Mmm, I still need to try the Ox for dinner or lunch. They open for lunch starting next Monday so make your reservations now! I see this place is going to be booming soon.

The Lazy Ox Canteen

241 S San Pedro
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-5299

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