Dating in LA Sucks, Part II

Minty’s going to be a Dating Machine in 2010.

So far 3 weeks into January and there hasn’t been any dates much less a machine-like nature of dating.

I probably shouldn’t have declared 2010 to be as such. I figured if one keeps dating, there’s bound to be more than a handful of bad dates. Just some mediocre and good ones to round it out.

Unfortunately, I really have no idea how this would work without resorting to online dating which I decided isn’t for me anymore. Yes, it’s easy but I really do think you become lazy and don’t even try to meet people in other ways (i.e. in person).  I wrote this more than two years ago to a friend and still believe it even if I forget my own advice sometimes.

“If you’re happy with your life, things will all fall in place. Of course, this is EASY to say but harder to make happen. I like that you paint. Having a hobby is an awesome in terms of personal happiness. I haven’t done anything artsy in months and I’m getting antsy which focuses me more on the less happy fulfilled parts of my life. So, while it’s not “taking the place” of a lover, my art is definitely a huge part of my life. Go with what makes you excited and happy. I would stop looking online for a date. Sure, it works and it’s easy but I also think it takes away some ability to meet people in “real life.” We stop “looking” and then we don’t really follow up when someone gives us signals. For all the people who say you meet someone when you stop looking, yes, they have a point. But I think you still have to make an effort when you meet new people. And don’t discount someone right away if not exactly your type or to your level of attractiveness. I don’t mean to say lower your standards, but be more open. You might be surprised. And it doesn’t hurt to let your friends know you are interested in meeting new people. You never know when they might meet someone who’d be perfect for you.”

I did a few “different” things last year including speed dating (twice!), started a singles supper club, threw a huge singles event (over 100 attended and there was at least one match). They were in many ways, things to do to pass the time.

I am signed up to a singles event, Camera Assassins.  I have no idea how it’d go. First of the all, the games sound rather complicated. I’m also very competitive so I’m going to want to win. However, are the games going to be distracting me from the fact it’s a singles party? And do guys really like chicks who beat them? Or are they going to claim it’s attractive? Well, I have a couple of weeks to think about it.

Prior to last week, whenever someone asked me if I was interested in anyone, I would scoff and say no. They wondered how in my social circle, I’ve never met anyone I found attractive. Well, that isn’t the case but the prospects of finding someone I found attractive AND actually wouldn’t mind dating was entirely different in my mind.

Then it happened. I met not just one but two guys I found attractive. Sure, there were things about both of them that weren’t typical Minty men attributes but who am I to argue with feelings. I felt something. And I do believe it is called Interest, with a capital I.

But being me, I totally suck at flirting and did nothing of the sort. In fact, I don’t even know why I am talking about it because god forbid something like returned Interest comes about.

Oh yeah, dating machine. Bring it.

Seriously… please?