Lunchtime in DTLA: Lemonade & It’s A Wrap

Although I live in one of the greatest foodie cities in the world, lunch in Downtown Los Angeles can be a trial. Do I want a salad? Or a sandwich? Because those seem to be the only choices. Well, there’s crappy fast food too.

sandwich with blueberry mint lemonade

Fortunately, I do like the occasional sandwich. I love Mendocino Farms but I can only eat there every so often before my wallet screams at me. Lucky for me, I like the food at Lemonade as well.

corned beef

I tried out the corned beef and I have to say it was light and tasty. I feared a heavy sandwich. Finished off with a blueberry mint lemonade, it was a fast and tasty meal. I also enjoy the enormous selection of sides at Lemonade. I noticed that quite a few of them come with some protein option (in the form of cheese or beans) so I have often made a lunch of just sides.


505 S Flower St
City National Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 488-0299

DTLA is so close to Koreatown and yet I’ve had a hard time finding good Korean food in Downtown. I almost gave up until I went into It’s a Wrap and discovered they didn’t just make wraps and sandwiches (and salads). They have a short list of Korean specialties and sushi rolls as well.

soon dobu

I’ve tried almost everything on the menu but my favorite things are the spicy pork meal and the spicy tofu soup. One day, I had the brilliant idea of asking them to add the spicy pork to the tofu soup instead of the usual beef. Woah, excellent!

The soup comes with  two sides, lots of rice and plenty of tofu. It may not be the traditional soon dobu in Ktown (there’s onions and carrots in the soup) but it always hits the spot.

Ray, the owner, is a generous guy. He’s very friendly and knows who all his regulars are. There’s a big screen TV that continuously plays Family Guy episodes which keeps the diners laughing.

I try to make it down there once a week but there have been times I don’t go for weeks. Ray always remembers and inquires if everything is all right. It’s kind of nice to have a “regular” place like It’s A Wrap.

It’s A Wrap

818 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 553-9395