Minty Style

People often ask me where does my style come from. As an artist, I like to say I have an good eye for things. I tend to wear color. A lot of color. I didn’t own anything black until after college.

I like to think though before you can go crazy mixing and matching things, you should have a basic understanding of the “rules” of fashion and then be prepared to break then. An all-black outfit with a slouchy brown handbag? Yeah, I’ve done that. But definitely not an all-black outfit with brown shoes. That’d be weird to me. All-black can go with red shoes though. That’s hot. Yes, I just said “that’s hot” like Paris Hilton circa a million years ago.

For me, it’s all about the details. And accessories are details to me. Sometimes I might build an outfit just based on a bracelet I want to wear. Or a pair of shoes. Or a handbag. Recently, I mentioned how to attract a gay man to Carina from the Uncouth Gourmands is to wear big accessories. I do often wear big rings, cool architectural necklaces or giant hair accessories. But I also like to keep things simple like a pair of cute dangling earrings. It’s fun to wear that stuff but not all at once.

Sometimes the details can be subtle. I love the little metal studs on these new heels of mine.

Recently the gay boyfriend texted me while he was on his NY trip he saw my fashion twin. How intriguing. Someone with a similar vibe? He told me he actually stopped this person to ask where they got their red rose jacket. H&M. I went to find it and was horrified by the look of it. I sent over the pic to him and exclaimed, “What? Ew!” But apparently that was a different jacket and now I’m on the hunt again.

Today, I’m probably not wearing anything too “out there” but already people have noticed and complimented my hair clip and belt. It’s the little things that make me happy.  I’m wondering if I should actually photograph my daily outfit along with the matching shoes and bag but that seems like a lot of effort. Then again, I used to say that about food blogging.

necklace- Charlotte Russe, $7.99

bracelet- Charlotte Russe, $4

heels- H&M- $25