Banchan Crazy: Genwa

Korean food is my favorite food at the moment. I love all the banchan, the little side dishes that come with a meal. And although I enjoy a good all-you-can-eat grub fest, I am starting to see the light of why people choose non-AYCE Korean BBQ places. The meat quality tends to be better and service is definitely better. You get what you pay for, right?

Of all the KBBQ and K-food places I’ve been to, Genwa has to have the most banchan I’ve ever seen. They lined them up around the grill and some were even “double-parked.” Woah! And of course they replaced anything you depleted. For me that would be the kimchi. I got two extra things of it.

We got the combination for 2 people and came out extremely full and not smelling of smoke at all. Quite amazing, frankly. Sure, the marinade for the galbi was a little sweeter than I like but the jokey, flirty servers made me overlook it.

The combo came with two meats (we got chadol- brisket and galbi- marinated short ribs), soon dobu, rice and japchae. I probably would have taken pics throughout the meal but I was too busy eavesdropping on the tables around us. Some people had never been to Korean BBQ before. I think Genwa is a good gateway to it.

I’m dreaming of the next K-food grubbin’ session, the Second Annual KBBQ Cook-Off!


5115 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90036-4366

(323) 549-0760