Happy Hour at the Glendon

double up- blackberry cosmo

Last week, I found myself in Westwood Village. I have a dopey relationship with this part of town. As a Trojan (4life,yo!), I have some not entirely unfounded notion I’m unwelcome. But honestly, that was just college, right? Right?? Oh yeah, Trojan4life.

beef sliders

In any case, I do go to Westwood quite a bit as I like going to the Geffen Playhouse and catching a show. I saw Love, Loss and What I Wore. It was a great show. Very funny and hysterical if a) you’re a woman b) you like clothes/shoes/handbags or c) got a free ticket and what else are you doing Thursday night.

chicken sliders

But the food. Ugh. The food. Sure, I can drop some pennies for a good meal but sometimes you just want something quick (but good!). This has led me to trying various happy hours. I have to admit, Westwood has an astonishingly diverse happy hour scene. I put out a call on twitter for some recs and Finer Things LA suggested The Glendon.

The Glendon pizza

When we walked in, it was 10 minutes to 7 p.m. which meant happy hour was ending very shortly. We hustled to a table and had a 3-second conversation. We probably over-ordered but it was like a military campaign, get in and get out fast. This also led me to my a bad decision. The blackberry cosmo.

mac & cheese with bacon

Oh why, oh why did I order such a thing. A cosmo? I think I was concentrating on the blackberry part. It was $5 and for $2 more, I could make it a double. Of course I made it a double.

If I was a giggling barely 21-year-old baby (um, young woman), then maybe I would have liked this drink. But I’m a whiskey babe and I like my bourbon. This drink was too sweet for me. However, the menu promised other cocktails worth trying. If only I had the time.

As for the food, we ordered the Glendon pizza (mozzarella, gorgonzola, crimini mushrooms, bacon), both the beef and chicken sliders, garlic fries (not shown) and mac & cheese with bacon. The pizza was a bit floppy, the chicken was dry though the beef was juicy. We liked the garlic fries although I was still feeling garlic-y the next day (must have been real garlic). I loved that the sliders came with a side salad. I ate both as my friend doesn’t eat vegetables (don’t ask). My favorite thing of the night was the creamy mac and cheese. I could have ordered this with crab but I was afraid of what sort of crab it’d be. Instead, we opted for bacon.

Service was really friendly and they came to check on us frequently. We didn’t have time for dessert since we were running off to our show (and besides, there were Diddy Riese cookies to be had later).


The Glendon Bar & Kitchen

1071 Glendon Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 208-2023