Taste on Melrose

Thai Chicken Wraps

Next to seafood, my favorite food would be pork. And more specifically, pork chops. My memory of my grandfather’s simple grilled pork chops with green onion gravy is probably my favorite pork chop of all time. My next favorite would be my grandmother’s pork chops where she cut off the fat and swirled it around the pan to coat instead of using oil (cooking pork in its own fat, imagine that!). Even my parents made decent pork chops. But it took me years to perfect my own recipe. And even then I long for my grandparents’ deft touch with pork.

lamb meatballs pasta

During this period of eating more pork chops than I cared to admit, I would order pork chops any time I saw them. Only once did I have a bad experience (I’m really not into places that serve pork on the rarer side). One of my favorites would be Taste on Melrose‘s cumin-rubbed pork chop. And bonus, it comes with a side of truffle mac and cheese. The only time I didn’t order their pork chop was when I was there for brunch and they don’t serve it then (why not!?).

cumin spiced pork chop

Being so focused on the pork chop, I didn’t really consider the appetizer as much as other items on the menu (cocktails!). We got the Thai chicken lettuce cups and it was okay. My dining companion ordered the prix fixe which is a really great deal. She got the truffle mac and cheese to start which is full portion and plenty to take home. The lamb meatballs were fluffy and made a great dinner (who said you can’t order pasta and more pasta?).

My pork chop was on the drier side (okay, I take it back about the rare comment!) but still had that tasty spicing I love so much.

Bread Pudding

I couldn’t resist a bite or two of my friend’s bread pudding. It was lovely and warm. We ended up as the last guests there that evening. I love my pork chop memories.


8454 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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