PDX: Sushiville

Pocky sticks coming your way

Wandering around NW 23rd, we debated our options for lunch and decided to try Sushiville which has some pretty good reviews.

mussels dynamite

Then I realized our mistake. I didn’t really want sushi and I try very hard not to eat mediocre sushi. Not that the sushi was bad but it wasn’t really satisfying. Yes, the salmon was good but other than that, I can’t really recommend it unless you’re looking for a quick sushi meal.

octopus nigiri

And the emphasis is on quick for Sushiville is kaiten style sushi- conveyor belt sushi. Some places may have a cute boat/ “river” system but for the most part, conveyor belts bring you sushi treats. We decided to just have a few things and then look for something fun (which turned into our macaron love fest over at Two Tarts and snack from food trucks).

salmon sushi

tuna sushi

white tuna sushi

Service was friendly and it was kind of fun to play a memory match game with the rotating sushi. Who took that California roll? Oh look, more incoming tuna nigiri!


I was somewhat surprised to see some chocolate Pocky sticks roll by. I couldn’t imagine paying over a buck for a few sticks when I can run out and buy my own box.

Sushiville - fast and cheap


I ended spending $12 (Portland has no tax on food) or so plus tip. Not horrible by any means. It just wasn’t quite what we wanted. Perhaps we should have went to the pub and got chowder instead.


1514 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-2618
(503) 226-4710