The Valley: Agra Indian

One of my dear friends got married over the weekend. Before attending the wedding, my best friend and I decided to get something to eat (they were having a dessert only reception). Since I’m only periodically in the Valley, I’m not entirely familiar with the eats. I do know there good Indian restaurants though. After perusing the Agra Tandoori Indian Restaurant menu, we decided to try it.

samosas and pakora

We decided to get the dinner for two which was an incredible value. For $35, we got two appetizers, two curries, 1/2 tandoori chicken, naan, rice and two desserts. They did push the wine list on us but we opted for chai tea.

tandoori chicken breast

I’ve never been a big fan of tandoori chicken. I find it dry. But Agra’s was actually really moist and tasty. I liked that they made slits in the chicken. Originally I thought this would have dried it out but they must have carved it afterward. The juices were flowing and I was glad to have rice and naan to sop it up.

lamb saag

aloo gobi

Of the two curries, you could have one meat and one veg dish. We love saag so we went with the lamb saag and we also have a special fondness for aloo gobi. I was surprised by how tender the lamb was and how much there was of it. The potatoes and cauliflower in the aloo gobi were also extremely soft. I actually would have liked more raw cauliflower but I’m not quibbling.

kheer- rice pudding

gulab jamon

I love Indian rice pudding, kheer. Agra’s version was a smoother one than I like. It had good flavor though I questioned what seemed to be a sprinkling of trail mix on top (versus just traditional slivered nuts). But I must say, the occasional piece of dried pineapple was different. Their gulab jamon was very moist. It was a satisfying way to end the evening.



Agra Tandoori Indian Restaurant

19560 Ventura Boulevard
CA 91356-2917
(818) 342-2290