SF: Blush Wine Bar

A glass of pinot noir from Blush Wine Bar

When we first got to San Francisco, we wandered around the Castro looking for a caffeine boost but what we found was Blush, a wine bar that looks a bit like a coffee shop to me.

Blush Wine Bar

Blush Wine Bar

We settled into the bar but I couldn’t help but feel maybe the couches by the front window would have been cooler. I did enjoy the view of the bar but the view of the paintings behind me were more lively.

Kumamoto Oysters

Everything is 20% off for Happy Hour so we ordered a couple of glasses of wine and some Kumamoto oysters. It was a good time to unwind from the long 6-hour drive from Los Angeles to SF.

Blush Wine Bar

476 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 558-0893